What is Meditation?

How can you start a meditation practice without first knowing what meditation is?

Yes you can cultivate inner peace, but what does that even feel like? What does inner peace even mean? How can I make it easier to understand, easier to practice, and make meditation a part of my routine?

This is what it is plain and simple. No fancy concepts. 

Meditation is learning to relax your body, so that your mind becomes clear. We teach you how to scan your body, feel what is happening and redirect it to better align with your true self. From this relaxed state, you can more easily make decisions and redirect your thoughts.

We found that the first step is the most difficult, the feeling state. So that's what we've decided to help with, Step 1 How to Feel Thyself. 

Meditation is a form of self-love, it is a gentle loving discipline to repeatedly stop, feel yourself, and gently direct your body and mind to your ideal state.

Overtime it will be easier to return to the state you've decided its best to operate from; much like it is easier to operate a car or ride a bike as you practice. Then you'll see that an entire world opens up for you as you learn to redirect your mind and body into becoming your ideal, loving self. 

Our goal is to change meditation from an insurmountable hurdle to a pleasant daily practice that brings joy to your day. Sign up for our email newsletter for our best how to guides and learn the power of meditation first hand. 

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